August 12, 2011

Getting to know: Marcus Felker

GREELEY, Colo. – Friday afternoon’s practice marked the 11th of the 2011 fall camp for the University of Northern Colorado football team and the Bears are looking forward to their first scrimmage at the end of Saturday’s practice.

To celebrate the 2011 season, each practice prior to school starting will be highlighting a different senior on the roster. Each senior will be asked a series of questions and then those same questions will be asked to a roommate or friend on the team, as well as another player of the same position to test how well they know each other.

Marcus Felker enters his second season with the Bears at defensive tackle after playing his first two years at Wyoming. Felker is one of a handful of married players on the team and is looked to for his leadership off the field, as well as on by many of the players. In his first year with Northern Colorado, Felker started all 11 games. He made a career-best four tackles against Montana and had 1.5 tackles for loss against eventual national champion Eastern Washington.

Fellow Wyoming transfer Dylan Kildahl and redshirt freshman Lexington Smith – both who play on the line with Felker – were polled to see how well they know him off the field.

Dylan Kildahl

Marcus Felker

Lexington Smith

Big Daddy Felk

My nickname is: Big Daddy Felk

Big Daddy Felk


I can’t believe I watch: Jersey Shore

My wife and kids

A rhino because he is huge and mean on the field

The animal I resemble is: a gorilla because I’m big and protective

A bear because he’s always hungry on and off the field

Waltor Payton

My sports hero is: Warren Sapp

Nick Fairley

T Pain

I can’t stop listening to: Tech Nine – All 6’s and 7’s

Big Sean

Costa Rica

If I could go anywhere, it would be: Mexico



I’m dying to: sleep


Brady Quinn

The most overrated NFL player is: Peyton Manning

Kyle Orton

As a successful father

In 10 years I see myself: coaching college football

In a big house with his wife and kids

Play with his girls

Favorite off day thing to do: spend time with my wife Allison and our two daughters Chyann and Brooklinn

Spend time with his family


My favorite food is: Chinese


His wife and kids

I’ve been away for a while, but I still miss this most about home: watching Saturday Night Live with my mom

Home cooking

Super Big

Two words teammates use to describe me are: Big Man

Big Daddy

Remember the Titans

My favorite sports movie is: Rocky (All five of them)

Remember the Titans

Men’s basketball

My favorite Bears team other than football is: wrestling

Men’s basketball

Kildahl and Smith each correctly answered the same three questions, and once again the two friends answered several the same, but differently than Felker. Stay tuned tomorrow to see how well the 2011 Bears team knows each other.