August 15, 2009

Q & A With Coaches: Part Two - Shaver

The second in an eight-part question-and-answer series with the Northern Colorado football coaches turns to the defensive side of the field and takes a look at the secondary.

Each conversation will have four to five questions asking the respective coaches about fall camp thus far and what they see for the future of their position.

For this, we sit down with third-year secondary coach Kendrick Shaver. He joined the Bears' family after stints at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M and Eastern Kentucky.

Question: With three of the four starters returning in the secondary from a year ago (Sr Stephen Michon, Jr Max Hewitt, Sr Quincy Wofford), and as one of the most experienced groups on the team, what has been the main focus for your crew during camp?

KS: Right now, trying to get some of these younger guys developed. We've got some injuries that have kind of hurt us, so right now the young guys are taking a lot of reps. They've kind of been the focus, the older guys that are hurt are doing a great job of mentoring the younger guys.

Q: There are also some highly regarded younger players in the secondary. What do they bring to the table and do you feel they are pushing the older players at this point?

KS: No doubt. Like I said, the younger guys have a chance to take a lot more reps than we thought they would coming into camp. We have some prospects that are very athletic, some guys that can run and some guys that are physical so with us bringing in these highly talented prospects, no doubt the veterans see that and they have to understand that the best guy will play no matter what year he is in school.

Q: What is the biggest strength of the secondary as a whole?

KS: Experience, no doubt. We've got Michon, which has started 20-plus games, you've got Wofford who's started, Max Hewitt who played as a true freshman and Korey's (Askew) back, he started as a true freshman. I redshirted him last year to get him fully healthy and he's back and he's a great leader so I have to say experience.

Q: What is the most important improvement they can make before the season opener at Kansas?

KS: Discipline. We've got to be more disciplined and what I mean by that is we've really got to concentrate on our technique, because as everyone knows playing the secondary is a place where you have to be a technician. If you make one false step and the guy's behind you so we've got to be disciplined in our technique.

Q: What is the best thing you've overheard one of your players say during camp?

KS: Probably that they were complimenting the receivers. We've got one of the most talented receivers corp I've seen since I've been here and I've heard some guys really complimenting those guys. They're pushing us and making us better.